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quickly approaching 6:00. we're about ten seconds away. that's why i paused there. and an end to the week is in sight. we'll see a little summer sizzle across the bay area, possibly by this weekend. good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm brent cannon. developing news this morning out of the east bay. police say efren valdemoro is connected to two murders and the disappearance of three other people. police shot and killed efren valdemoro in richmond, but there are these five different crime scenes. we've got team coverage of what investigators know so far. kris sanchez is outside the ranch 99 market in richmond where the suspect was found. but first, christie smith live in vallejo. christie, the story is literally changing by the minute. >> reporter: yeah. you know, every time we check into it, it just gets a little bit more bizarre. let me start by saying the latest turn of events happened when they went inside of the home of one of the missing women, and that led to the
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evacuation of this entire cud e cul-de-sac you see here behind me. at least five families are out of their homes this morning, because investigators told me they made the startling discovery of explosive-making materials inside the home, including materials labeled "composition c-4," blasting caps, and hundreds of bottles of what they described as unknown chemicals. again, for that reason, five homes here in vallejo evacuated this morning. investigators tell me this is the home of one of the missing women. she lived here and a friend came to see her days ago. both have not been seen since. now, the suspect tied to the hercules killing, efren valdemoro is apparently believed to have been a houseguest here at one time. now, the women are marcaria smart, also known as carol smart, and segundia allen, also known as rita. a car of one of the women, a white escalade, is also still missing this morning. now, we should also mention that one of the missing women's husband was taken into custody
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last night, because investigators say at this point, this story is so confusing, to even them, that they don't quite know yet who is responsible for what. reporting live in vallejo, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christie. and as you mentioned, one of the major pieces of the puzzle is this escalade. it belongs to one of the missing women. they say they believe valdemoro had been driving the suv in the week following the woman's disappearance, and now they're trying to track down where that escalade is. kris sanchez joins us live from richmond this morning, where police gunned the suspect down. kris, how are officers really trying to untangle this web of crime? >> you know, it's difficult. they're trying to make sure they stay in constant communication with all of the different agencies, five of them in all, that are investigating this case. you mentioned that white escalade. that is still missing and is at large. but we do know that the vehicle that the suspect was in last night was crashed right into the front of this 99 ranch market here in richmond. inside that vehicle, another
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gruesome finding. chp officers found the body of a young asian woman. they checked for a pulse, there was no pulse, and at that point, it looked like she was beyond help. they say it looks like she was badly beaten and strangled. likely, that is the cause of death. chp officers are not releasing her name right now, but they do say that they believe she was the girlfriend of the suspect, efren valdemoro. now officers say that he crashed his car here after leading chp officers on that high-speed chase that we mentioned. when he crashed, he ran inside the 99 ranch market here in richmond and refused to listen to chp officers' orders to surrender. chp officer trent cross said officers had no choice but to shoot. none of the customers inside that market at time was injured. the chp is just one of the agencies with a hand in this investigation. >> it's extremely complex, because there's four different locations out in vallejo which are being actively worked right now, and then you have the crime scene here, in which we're still
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gathering information and talking to people to try to determine exactly what happened. so it's something that's going to take some time before we're able to determine everything that has taken place. >> reporter: now, christie smith mentioned the women that are unaccounted for out of hercules and vallejo, and then the young woman here, along with the suspect. this is a picture of another possible victim. frederick sales, the son of the 73-year-old man who was savagely beaten to death and who valdemoro is accused of killing. he lived in that same hercules home where all of this started. he's now missing. he was reported missing on august 28th, which was last saturday. hercules police broke up a fight at that home between the missing man and the murdered father and valdemoro on august 22nd. investigators on the scene there. still on the scene here. they are just loading up that vehicle that the suspect crashed into the market, on to a flatbed truck. they are going to take it away and likely continue to comb it for evidence this morning. in richmond, kris sanchez, nbc
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bay area news. >> thanks a lot, kris. and we may soon get new information from the vallejo police department. they are now saying that they will hold a press conference. we don't know exactly went, but we'll of course cover that. and count on nbc bay area news to bring you continuing coverage of this really complex story throughout the day, on-air and online at another bizarre story this morning. a doctor is found dead in a chimney after police say she tried to sneak into her boyfriend's house through that chimney. it happened in bakersfield. police say that dr. jacqueline katarric had been drinking, tried to break into the home by climbing feet-first down that chimney but got stuck and slowly suffocated. earlier that day, the doctor had tried to force her way into the house using a shovel. a house sitter eventually found the decome posposing body. 6:05 right now. people will roll up their sleeves for another blood drive
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to help officer todd young shot in the line of duty. he will undergo more surgery and will need more blood. today's drive will be at santa clara hospital from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. young graduated from there back in 1989. he's in serious but stable condition. he was shot last week in oakland after a confrontation with suspected gang member, andrew barrientos. as the calendar turns to fall, you can depend on a few things. the kids going back to school, college football kicking off, and of course apple updating the ipod. scott mcgrew has that. >> september has become the ipod update month. so it's with very little fear, i predict, apple will unveil new ipods, or more accurately, new versions of its old ipods. expect the ipod touch to become even more like the iphone. that new, better screen, at least one camera, possibly two. the smaller nano may get a smaller screen as well, and perhaps a new way to rent tv shows for 99 cents.
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apple pioneered tv shows online, but it's since fallen behind as other companies are now offering tv for free. the other day we were talking about how cable companies are starting to show their first loss of subscribers as people cut cable in favor of online television like hulu and netf x netflix. we've heard talks that amazon's in talks with studios to offer free episodes of tv shows. as far as apple, that event gets under way at 10:00 a.m. brent? >> thanks a lot, scott. in these tough economic times, stores want to stock shelves with products that they can sell. so why is a bay area city forcing a market to stock groceries that the owners claim is just going to rot on the shelves? the pizza market in san francisco's north beach district stopped selling groceries last year to focus on bottled wine and a bistro. but the city says the market has to sell groceries in order to fulfill its permit. the owners say they might have to cut jobs if they're forced to stock perishables that they say they cannot sell. the city's planning commission
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will look at the issue coming up on september 16th. it is 6:07 right now. a new accident to tell you about, this time in the east bay. exactly where, let's check in with mike. >> we'll show you, laura, coming off of the maze, eastbound 580 at highway 13. the warren freeway, reports of an accident, single car spun out and went into the center divide there. no major injuries. should be able to clear this pretty quickly, but as the volume increases coming from oakland in both directions, all directions. westbound 580 is the commute direction as far as 580 goes. northbound for 880, that is moving smoothly. caldecott tunnel, no delays there or down the east shore freeway, but the volume really picking up. we'll show you where a lot of these folks are headed, over towards the bay bridge toll plaza, the volume is starting to increase as far as this shot here, some slowing and some backup now at the cash lanes for the toll plaza. expect that to really build as those metering lights get turned on in about 15 minutes. hit the road if you're close to the toll plaza, you can get there before those metering lights kick in. 880 past the coliseum, a smooth
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drive, but the volume increasing. for now, those roads getting a little more congested. >> and temperatures increasing in some spots. >> by the afternoon, we'll see places like san jose probably adding 30 degrees of warming today. right now a gorgeous start to your morning. 61 degrees. a little bit of a wind out of the south, but not enough to keep that ground level ozone stirred up. we have a spare the air day around the bay area today. there you see a little bit of a breeze into fairfield, but as the sea breeze backs off, air quality takes a bit of a hit. and today for the spare the air day, the worst will be around the santa clara valley. temperatures not too bad this morning, but t-shirt weather by lunchtime and maybe tank top weather inland. look at those numbers, midtourp 90s inland. san jose getting boo the 90s. 80s for san jose and oakland, staying hot through tomorrow and cooler as we head towards the weekend. back to you. >> thanks, rob. 6:09 right now. putting the brakes on weekend bus service.
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one major bay area transit agency makes a stunning proposal today. think that down economy's going to keep more people off the roads and staying at home this holiday weekend? not exactly. i'm bob redell. we'll fill you in coming up in a live report. and traffic is not the only concern for people heading to the beach this labor day weekend. a shark expert will join us to tell us if we need to worry about any danger in the water. the sun up over the south bay. actually over the entire bay area. pretty warm temperatures. how warm will it get in your neck of the woods? we'll have your full forecast, coming up.
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6:12 right now. we have breaking news on that deadly crime spree spanning the east bay. several cities are involved in that investigation. christie smith is in vallejo. she's been following it this morning. christie, you have some brand-new developments just coming out about this killing spree.
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>> reporter: yeah, good morning to you. i just spoke with vallejo police investigators and they have confirmed with me this morning that the bodies of two women were found inside of this home here in vallejo. those bodies were taken out overnight. now, they're not confirming that these are the bodies of two missing women, that basically have been missing for a couple of days now. now, one of the women lived in the home and the other one was a friend to her, but they haven't been seen and it is believed that the suspect in the killing in hercules, efren valdemoro, was a houseguest here, and also, we should mention that investigators did find some explosive making material in the home. now, the women are marcaria smart, also known as carol smart, and segundia allen, also known as rita. now, some of the chemicals that they found in the home include bottles being labeled "composition c-4," blasting
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caps, and hundreds of bottles of unknown chemicals. the latest investigation at this point, the bodies of two women found inside the home, but they have not yet been positively identified. reporting live in vallejo, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> we'll continue to follow that story. switching gears, planning on hitting the road or taking to the skies this labor day weekend? so are 35 million other people. bob redell live this morning with what you can do to try to stay ahead of them, if you can. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. your best advice, if you're going to be driving this weekend, so the leave early friday or tomorrow. friday expected to be the heaviest driving day. you would want to leave during the morning rush, not during the afternoon get out of time town. more of us are expected to be getting out of town this year, according to aaa, which surveyed travelers and found more than 4
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million californians are expected to travel more than 50 miles away from home. a huge majority a expected to drive. a small percentage will fly. the rest will take trains and other modes of transportation. aaa says the uptick in the number of travelers is a good sign for the travel industry, and you could easily make the argument for the overall economy as well. considering the dismal numbers we saw over the past couple of summers. i would think the numbers would actually be down because we keep hearing about the high unemployment. >> that's true, but the thing is, californians are very resilient. we travel no matter what. now, plans were postponed and a lot of plans were canceled last year. but this year, as we have seen over the years, people are traveling differently. traveling closer them, maybe taking two or three road trips. cutting back on how they spend their vacation times, staying with family and friends rather than staying in hotels and
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paying for those high lodging fees. >> reporter: if you're wondering where your neighbors are headed, the bay area's top drive destinations, this according to, in the order, monterey, tahoe, carmel, sacramento, and big sur. and while people will be leaving our area, expect a lot to be coming in. san francisco is america's fourth favorite destination according to, after cape cod, mackinac island in michigan, and the outer banks in north carolina. reporting live here in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thanks so much, bob. and there actually could be some pretty big changes to the way you get around the bay area on the weekend. ac transit will slash weekend service as part of efforts to keep buses rolling and fix a $56 million budget deficit. the transit agency will present the latest proposal at a board of directors meeting today. the plan would eliminate almost half of weekend service and ground all but two night owl bus lines that run overnight. a vote is set for september 22nd. service cuts could go into
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effect september 19th if it's passed. a wild sighting in what's known as the gourmet ghetto of berkeley. people living in the area actually spotted a mountain lion. someone called police early yesterday morning. they say they saw a 1 hurricane-pound mountain lion that may have looked like the picture you see right there from the internet. when police arrived, the female mountain lion went from shaddeck to cedar and wound up on walnut street before they were forced to shoot and kill it. fish and game don't know why the mountain lion made its way to the city. there have been several recent shark sightings in bay areas as well, so before you head to the beach, we have a few tips. hopefully a little bit of insight on sharks as well. sean van summerrent joins me this morning with a little bit of insight and knowledge about the sharks. good morning. thanks for coming by. >> good morning. >> we were talking about how many sharks are being seen at various beaches around the bay area these days. you say it's kind of a seasonal
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thing, when the sharks move in about this time of year every year. >> it's kind of like an annual amnesia that happens. and every year, late summer, you start to have an uptick in sightings and reports, and people forget about the previous season, and it's kind of like, where all these sharks coming from, when it really is an annual, seasonal situation. >> are there any particular sharks that are coming more than others? is it just the great whites, or a lot of other sharks too? >> no. that's a good question. in fact, this time of year is a time when a lot of sharks are on the move, near shore, most of them very inoffensive, not dangerous animals. the only really dangerous one are the great walk. since the mid-20s, there are have only been about 100 attacks, and only about 20 fatalities. the statistics are really low. >> now, i don't know of any beaches that are closed right now. we do have some warning signs
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out. they've seen sharks in that area and people want to let you know. you're saying, you can still go in the water, but there are a few things you can do to -- it would be smart to play it safe. >> absolutely. listen to the rangers, lifeguards for sure. because they have a local perspective. and these sharks are seen periodically, pacifica. they just had a big sea lion eaten in front of everybody, on the beach there. that's not unusual, for that area, it's kind of a novelty. up and down the coast from san diego to oregon, a lot of reports of salmon sharks, white sharks, and a lot of false reports. there were a couple of cancellations on alerts that were figured out to be dolphins and like that. so the reportage network is really sensitive. reports are coming in live time. and the general public interest in sharks is still there. and so i think combined, it makes it -- people really want to know about this and they should know about this. but they should come to terms with that. >> sean, appreciate it. always good to see you. thanks for some insight, good
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reminders for folks to make sure off buddy system and a first aid kit just in case. laura? >> good advice. taking a live look outside this morning, at sunol. usually traffic picking up there about this time of the morning. we'll check that morning commute with mike coming up in just a bit. now, it is a very different picture along the east coast this morning where hurricane earl threatened to come ashore in actually the next few days. we've got team coverage of the storm. first we want to check if with rob mayeda, who is tracking earl from our weather center. >> this is a pretty massive storm. almost a little smaller than the size of texas and still a major hurricane. winds sustained 125 miles per hour this morning. movement still northwest at 16, which puts it uncomfortably close to parts of the east coast, as early as late tomorrow. in fact, hurricane watches already in effect for parts of the eastern seaboard. and that's where the weather channel meteorologist jeff morrow joins us live this morning with a look at how things are shaping up there on the outer banks of north carolina.
6:21 am
and i imagine the surf already starting to kick up. >> reporter: it is starting to kick up. and we're expecting it to get even higher. i think you put it best when you said, rob, that it's getting to track uncomfortably close here. we're still holding out some hope that the center of this hurricane, and it is a category 3 still, stays just offshore as it passes by. we're keeping our fingers crossed for that. if it would take a little bit more of a jog to the west over the next 24 hours, then we could have some real issues here. there are some evacuations out here on the north carolina outer banks. ocracoke island, some of the non-residents of hatteras island have been told to evacuate. so folks here not really taking chances as far as the emergency management folks are concerned. right here where we are at nags head beach, so far, so good. no evacuations where we are, but that could change if earl gets a little bit closer. the worst of it we're expecting, probably late tomorrow, through tomorrow night, and on into the day on friday. rob? >> jeff, we're watching that path of hurricane earl very
6:22 am
closely. let's go back to the plot. we call it the spaghetti plot. right there on the outer banks of north carolina, that's why they have hurricane watches in effect all the way up to virginia this morning. that storm still expected to curve away from the east coast, but given the storm's size, probably will at least see tropical storm force conditions there on the outer banks of north carolina late tomorrow. back to our weather. it's pretty comfortable and tame in comparison. 59 degrees, san francisco. our main concern today is the heat. look at those temperatures. san jose, 92 degrees. even san francisco looking a little toasty today at 85. upper 80s around oakland. north bay valleys soaring into the 90s. and here you see your seven-day forecast. tomorrow looks a little hotter. we have a spare the air day today for poor air quality, especially around the south bay. as we head toward the weekend, we'll see some cooling. but it is a spare the air day around the bay area, which will impact your morning commute. there's a live look at a pretty congested 880. mike inouye, our traffic expert, as a full look at our traffic report coming up in just a few minutes. and while you were sleeping, a new study came out linking
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three major health problems to not we h ee enoug 'll help you get a few extra zs coming up in awe nins.
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welcome back, folks. mike inouye with some good news. start off with good news. all lanes are now cleared coming off the warren freeway, but another accident just reported a little further east or south as far as the impasse goes around 98. have to clear a day. slowing right now okay past the zoo. right here, westbound highway 4, really slamming down on those speeds. that's to be expected. and now you're seeing a sledown coming through pittsburgh and bay point. b.a.r.t. not an option. but it is an option for you, because today is a spare the air day. consider taking mass transit or carpooling. if we can reduce the number of cars on the road through livermore, that would help as well. but that's holding steady above 15 minutes. right at 50 where you see the yellow. get out on the roadways. another 20 minutes before this really gets slammed through here. heading down highway 84 or 680,
6:26 am
mild slowing through that construction zone. and in the south bay, northbound 101 shows that slowing coming off of 680, heading up to 880 where you still have construction at the interchange. might want to use brokaw in the meantime. we should see those metering lights turned on in about a minute, because those cash lanes are getting backed up. well, dreamhouse in marin county could be yours if you win the luck of the draw. today a nonprofit group will start selling raffle tickets for this 3,600 square foot home in san rafael. four bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, plus a spool, spa, and garden. money from the raffle benefits needy families in marin county. tickets are $150 each. for more info, visit marin while you were sleeping, or hopefully you were sleeping, a new sleep study came out overnight linking sleep deficits to major health problems and even death. the lack of sleep makes focus
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and concentration difficult during the day. new research also finds depression and anxiety are more likely in young adults who get fewer than eight hours of sleep per night. the risk increases for every hour of sleep that you lose. there's also another study that found that men who sleep less than six hours per night on average were four times more likely to die of any variety of causes. sleep experts suggest that getting into a bedtime routine to help your body get a cue that it's time to sleep, and also to limit using the internet and video games early in the evening, just before you go to bed. 6:27 right now. just ahead, state lawmakers take a late-night vote on a ban that could affect your next visit to the store. and the man accused of killing a popular south bay bar owner heads to trial today. we will show you the love triangle that prosecutors are trying to sell to jurors. plus, more on developing news out of the east bay. we're live as police try to piece together what led to a deadly web of violence that stretched from vallejo to richmond. three people are dea others msing
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one deadly web across the east bay. five people are dead, one person is missing across three bay area cities. police are zeroing in on one man at center of it all. we've got team coverage. plus, on a mission. california national guard troops heading south to the border to help with security. and a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, where metering lights were turned on just seconds ago. the backup, just seconds away from really building up as we get a look at highway 101 across the golden gate. also, how to beat the slowdown on this freeway as well. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm brent cannon. it is 6:30. we are following the very latest on developing news, a crime spree across the east bay. nearly half a dozen homes have been evacuated after an alarming
6:31 am
and gruesome discovery inside of an east bay home. at least five people are either dead or missing, and they are all linked to just one man. >> nbc bay area's kris sanchez live in richmond this morning, where investigators are combing over the car where the suspect was killed. but first, nbc bay area's christie smith live at the vallejo home of one of the missing women. christie, we understand they just found two bodies inside? >> reporter: yeah. that's exactly right. you know, this story just gets more bizarre by the minute. investigators are not confirming the identities of the women found inside the home here, but they say it was quite a grisly scene inside this home on upland court. again, we don't know if these were the two missing women, marcaria smart, also known as carol, who was going to visit her friend, segundia allen at her home days ago. they haven't been seen since. at this point, we know that the suspect, efren valdemoro, the suspect in the hercules killing, is believed to have been a houseguest at one time, that
6:32 am
allen had some problems with. and to further complicate matters, investigators overnight found a slew of bomb-making materials inside the home, including bottles and items labels "composition c-4," blastingcaps, and what investigators described as hundreds of bottles of chemicals. they don't know at this point who they belong to, but there's also a storage locker that they discovered in vallejo overnight that has apparently some chemicals in there as well. so they have investigators there trying to empty that out. and because of all of these chemicals here, five homes on the cuddle sac, five families are out of their homes this morning, evacuated because investigators still trying to piece this together. and if we can come back here live, i wanted to show you, if you can kind of see past these reporters, that is the bomb squad from travis air force base. they pulled up here a couple of minutes ago, and they are here to help vallejo police, trying to get all the chemicals and
6:33 am
what not out of this home here. so quite an unusual story here in vallejo this morning. reporting live in vallejo, krischristie smith, nbc bay are news. >> a lot of evidence coming out right now. thanks a lot, christie. and we are trying to follow the very latest. we're getting new information by the minute. we continue our coverage right now with nbc bay area's kris sanchez. she is live in richmond, where police are still sorting through evidence at that crime scene. kris? >> reporter: good morning, brent. investigators just towed away that vehicle that the suspect crashed into this market here in richmond. although the scene here may be almost wrapped up, the investigation into this bizarre event is just beginning. and one man is still missing. here's what happened last night. the suspect, efren valdemoro, led chp officers on a high-speed chase on the freeway that ended here in richmond when he crashed an acura sedan into the front of his 99 ranch market. valdemoro then bailed and ran inside a market full of shoppers. he refused officers' orders to
6:34 am
surrender and they say they had no choice but to shoot. none of the shoppers who were inside at that time were injured. but outside officers found the body of a young asian woman strangled and badly beaten. they're not releasing her identity to us just yet, but they say they believe she was valdemoro's girlfriend. >> she did suffer fatal injuries and appeared as though she had some severe facial damage to go along with some severe injuries around her neck. so right now, we're not 100% certain as to how she was killed, but strangling was probably a strong possibility. >> and it doesn't end there. here's the picture of a man that could be yet another victim of valdemoro. frederick sales is the son of the 73-year-old man, ricardo sales, who valdemoro is accused of savagely beating to death. frederick was reported missing on saturday. we do know he was involved in a fight with valdemoro that the police broke up a week before.
6:35 am
where he is and how he's connected to the rest of these victims remains to be seen. we know that five agencies are investigating this morning. >> thanks, kris. count on nbc bay area news to bring you continuing coverage of this very complex story throughout the day and on air and online at 6:35 right now. the los gatos love triangle and murder for hire case actually goes to trial today. 32-year-old restaurant're, paul garcia and his cohorts are alleged of paying for the killing of his rival. both men were in love with a bartender. she's expected to be a star witness during the trial. right now we want to check in with scott mcgrew at 6:35. he's got the latest from the markets this morning. >> good morning. it's actually september 1st today. that means we get the big jobs report the day after tomorrow,
6:36 am
friday. and looking back on the markets in the month of august, it was cold in more ways than one. nasdaq, where most bay area companies trade down 6% for august generally lousy. it's nice to turn the page. the dow industrials up 129 points this morning. nasdaq up 33. mark hurd, the former ceo of hp is now the former board member of news corp. news corporation says, he was, quote, not renominated. now, hurd left hewlett-packard after a strange scandal involving an actress and his expense account. meanwhile, we wait for some news coming out of apple at 10:00 a.m. our time. apple is up better than 2% this morning on new ipods. >> thanks a lot, scott. as you mentioned, it is september 1st, but we still don't have a state budget. today marks the second time in 43 years that state lawmakers have made it to september without passing a budget. last night competing plans from democrats and republicans fell through.
6:37 am
the main points of contention are taxes and spending cuts. governor schwarzenegger says the state is losing more than $52 million each day without a budget and "the sacramento bee" reports that democrats and republicans disagree on what to do about a quarter of the state's $19 billion deficit. more than 200 california national guard troops are expected to begin their jobs patrolling the u.s./mexico border today. governor schwarzenegger says they are trained and ready to go. they'll also get some aerial help. predator drones will also begin flying over the border today. the unmanned drones are intended to provide aerial surveillance of the southern border. they're operated by u.s. customs and border protection agents. they've already been flying over arizona, california, and parts of west texas. new this morning, operation new dawn is getting under way. vice president joe biden is in iraq this morning and he will preside over a military change of command ceremony. the event will single a shift of greater u.s. diplomatic role in iraq. earlier this morning, biden met
6:38 am
with the leader of supreme iranian council. this is the vice president's sixth visit to iran after taking office. president obama's speech signaling the end of combat operations in iraq last night is one of the top searches on goggle this morning. the president blames the massive deficits on financing the almost decade-long war with borrowed money. >> open-ended war serves neither our interests or the afghan's people. >> president obama will host a peace summit with israeli and palestinian leaders this morning. he'll host a mideast peace summit in washington, d.c. that gets under way in about an hour or so. it is 6:38 right now. time to check the commute once again with mike. >> things are getting really busy out there. we'll show you the maze. despite the crowds, still moving close to the limit, about 68 miles per hour in most spots.
6:39 am
i showed you a few minutes ago what it looked like. those metering lights have been turned on for about eight minutes. the backup in these fast track lanes. you see the cash lanes starting to build in the next 10 or 5 minutes. you'll see that fully build up to the midway parking lot. so there you go. the commute is on heading over to the toll plaza. making things a little lighter on that upper deck. we'll see those speeds improve coming through the s-curve. all the folks heading in towards san francisco. 101 around the golden gate bridge jammed up around that doyle construction project. 101 slows just off the 280 interchange. 280 a little further north will take you past that and then you get on to city streets. call caltrain's another great way to get around. 87 slow through downtown as well and we'll track the rest of your slowing heading into the south bay in the next report. back to you guys.
6:40 am
>> thanks, mike. >> meantime, checking in with rob because we are due for another heat wave today. >> certainly getting started this morning, brent. this morning, not too bad. 50s and 60s outside as we take you in closer to oakland. there's a beautiful start to your morning. 59 right now. notice the wind. it's not out there in terms of a sea breeze. don't have any low clouds either. so not much ocean air-conditioning today. we have a spare the air day in its place. worst of the air quality will be around san jose. ground level ozone unhealthy for sensitive groups. inland soaring into the 90s. t-shirt weather, not just for inland valleys, but even the peninsula and coast,well see highs today climbing into the 70s and 80s. so mainly 60s to get your morning started. by lunchtime, inland, approaching 90 already around pleasanton and fairfield. 92 later on today around san jose. cooling a little bit toward the evening. there you see the 80s around san francisco and oakland. tomorrow, even hotter with the warmer start to the day, then we cool off as we approach this upcoming labor day weekend. back to you. >> thanks, rob. time now 6:40. results on a late-night vote to
6:41 am
limit your paper or plastic options at the grocery store. hurricane earl floating dangerously close with hitting the u.s. we'll take you live to the east coast where people are bracing for the storm. and i'm bob redell. what predictions about labor day travel this weekend have to say about the economy. we'll have that coming up in a live report. and another live look from vallejo. one of the crime scenes in that deadly killing spree that we're following in the east bay. the bomb squad is on site. three people are dead, one more is missing. we'll bring you the latestup c update coming up in just a few more minutes.
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
welcome back, everybody. live pictures of the sun coming up, as rob mentioned. we are looking for a warm one. the time now is 6:44. >> just in case you're leaving on a jet plane this holiday weekend, so are millions of other people. nbc bay area's bob redell live in san francisco this morning with a look at what you can expect as you hit the road and take to the skies. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura. this is in spite of all the news we're hearing about the economy. high unemployment, bad economic news, not keeping people at home this holiday labor day weekend. >> we have an increase of 11% of overall travel, which means car, air, and other modes of transportation. this is a really good sign for the travel industry, because last year we had dismal numbers. we were hit by what they're calling the great recession.
6:45 am
>> reporter: a sign that californians are very resilient, according to aaa of northern california, which surveyed travelers and found that more than 4 million californians are expected to travel 50 miles or more away from home this weekend. that's an 11% increase over last year's numbers, as you just heard from their spokeswoman. most will drive, some will fly. a very small chunk of travelers will go by train or other modes of transportation. if you're wondering where your neighbors are headed, the bay area's top drive destinations, this is according to now to are monterey, tahoe, carmel, sacramento, and big sur. and while people will be leaving our area, you can expect a lot of people to also be coming. san francisco is america's fourth favorite destination. this is after cape cod, mackinac island in michigan, the outer banks in north carolina. now, if you're wondering, if you're going heading out of town, driving, if you're wondering when will be the best time to take off, they said,
6:46 am
this may be counter intuitive, between 9:00 a.m. or on friday. you do not want to be leaving between 3:00 and 7:00. anyone that heads out of the bay area, let's say you're heading to tahoe and eastbound on 580 knows how apt that advice is. reporting live here in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thanks so much, bob. in the meantime, probably not a lot of people are going to head to north carolina as bob had mentioned, because hurricane earl is now dangerously close to the east coast this morning. a look at the storm churning in the atlantic. it could hit landfall by this time friday. rob mayeda's been tracking the storm. he's in our weather center now. >> you can really see the size of that storm. almost as large as the state of texas, as you see the satellite view of this storm, still a major hurricane. we're talking winds of 125 miles per hour. the movement is still the problem. it's heading northwest at 16, taking it closer to parts of the east coast this morning. and as you can see here, this is our computer plot and it factors in a bunch of computer models to show us where we expect
6:47 am
hurricane earl to be moving, heading off to the northwest today, approaching close enough to the carolina coast to issue a hurricane watch this morning. that has just been extended northward up toward virginia, before that storm tracks away from the east coast, likely bringing some tropical storm force winds as early as late tomorrow night on parts of the outer banks of north carolina. brent? >> as a matter of fact, nbc's jay gray is in north carolina this morning. looks like a pretty nice morning so far there. looks like jay's having a tough time hearing us. >> reporter: it's a good day today out here. the sun is shining, the waves, though, are picking up. we've seen that over the last 12 to 24 hours. it's only going to get worse in the next couple of days. a lot of people getting out, trying to enjoy what they can right now before things turn nasty here. when they do, what forecasters say we will see is high seas, 20 feet or so, or the crests there,
6:48 am
dangerous rip current in those waters. but also hard, hard driving winds. hurricane force winds, and rain 4 inches an hour in some areas, which could lead to some flash flooding so they're going to be very dangerous conditions, even though those same forecasters say this storm is not going to make landfall here. they're still going to get the effects of a hurricane. that's why so many people have come out to the beach this morning, trying to enjoy what they can. this is, of course, moving into the labor day weekend. a very busy time. and a last chance for a lot of these businesses and restaurants in the area to make a little money. but local officials say, they're not taking any chances. they want to make sure everyone is safe. there are mandatory visitor evacuations in place right now on hatteras island, on ocracoke island, and that could happen here as well, in kill devil hill. we just talked to the mayor a few moments ago. he told us that at this point, they're still watching the
6:49 am
models, going to make that determination some time tomorrow. that's the very latest live from here, now back to you. >> thanks, jay. tough timing with the labor day weekend coming right around the corner. there's more bad publicity for bp this morning. it's now being called a bad tenant. there's word this morning that the company will be evicted from one of several command centers in louisiana. st. bernard parish says bp owes millions of dollars in back rent for the command center. bp set up those centers in the wake of the massive oil leak. federal agents have made another visit to two iowa farms at the center of the salmonella outbreak and massive egg recall. they were food and drug administration agents, but nobody will say exactly what they were doing. so there is speculation that this probe is the first step in a criminal investigation. eggs from wright county egg and hillendale farms have been linked to as many as 1,500 cases of salmonella poisoning leading to 500 million eggs being recalled nationwide. it's 6:49 right now. new this morning, you'll still have the option of paper or plastic at grocery stores across
6:50 am
the state. overnight state lawmakers rejected the bill that would have made california the first state in the country to ban plastic bags. lawmakers debated whether the controversial bill was going too far in trying to regulate personal choice. a few california cities already prohibit plastic bags. san francisco was the first city to do it back in 2007. palo alto, fairfax, and malibu have since followed suit. also overnight, state lawmakers rejected a bill that would have made it illegal to carry unloaded guns in public. the bill would have made it a misdemeanor to openly carry a handgun in public. current state law allows carrying unloaded guns in holsters. another bill that would have required gun owners register their rifles and shotguns fell short during a vote on monday. time now, 6:50. taking the media out of the media hype. apple takes its top right to the consumer and scott mcgrew as an exclusive twist.
6:51 am
a very popular spot, the bay bridge toll plaza. oh, my. we'll show you the backups cading over towards that destination as well.
6:52 am
6:53 am
new this morning into our newsroom, check this out. video of an engine explosion that forced a qantas jet of an emergency landing. remember we told you about this yesterday and it had to land at sfo. this is some video of that. sparks flying out of the engine. it was cell phone video that was posted on the web. comes from one of the 224 people on that flight. the pilot was able to land without anybody getting hurt, but you might remember we showed
6:54 am
you that big gash in the side of the engine. apparently this is part of that explosion that caused that. 6:53 right now. we continue to follow developing news out of the east bay this morning, mwhere police say one man is connected to two murders and the disappearance of three other people. late last night california highway patrol officers killed the suspect, efren valdemoro after a high-speed chase. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in vallejo this morning where investigators are searching the home of one of the two missing women. you've got updates for us. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. you know, grisly is the word that investigators used to describe what they found inside that home, the bodies of two women plus as what they describe as explosive-making materials. now, they have not confirmed these are the bodies of marcaria smart, also known as carol, or segundia allen, also known as rita. both of women lived in the home, both have not been seen in days. the suspect in the hercules killing, efren valdemoro, has
6:55 am
apparently been a houseguest here. in another bizarre twist, five homes are now evacuated this morning near upland court, because inside the home they're searching, investigators found what they described hundreds of battles of chemicals, c-4, also blasting caps. the bomb squad is now here at the home trying to remove all the materials they found inside. so quite a bizarre scene here in vallejo. reporting live in vallejo, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> and because this story is so complex, we want to walk you through a chain of events of how this whole thing got started. it began as early as last wednesday. that's the last time anybody saw marcaria smart and segundia allen in vallejo, the ones where christie smith is at their home. saturday police found 73-year-old ricardo sales dead at his home. they issued an arrest warrant for efren valdemoro. sales' son is also missing. and then last night police
6:56 am
spotted valdemoro that ended when chp officers shotted and killed him. the body of a young woman believed to be valdemoro's girlfriend was found in the car. and a few moments ago, the police confirmed there were two women dead the inside the home of the missing women, but have not confirmed their identity. still a lot of details coming out and potential explosives as well. stay with nbc bay area news and we'll bring you live updates throughout the day this morning and you can check in on while you're at work for all the late latest up. let's check on the morning commute, what spots to avoid. >> we've got this linked to the traffic center as well as the newsroom. i want to take you out here and show you just off of 238 and 580, you'll see some smoke likely through this hayward area, just off of jacob. here's a live shot over the scene. looks like a two-story residence. reports there could be wires down in the area.
6:57 am
this is a residential street, jacob, well off of 580. not even a mile off of 580. the smoke is visible, but as far as the commute goes, this is not an access point. we are look agent the neighborhood, and in the area, as you can see, a lot of buildings nearby. we're following this. no reports of any injuries yet, but we are tracking this in the newsroom as well as the traffic center. we'll send it back to the maps and we'll see the slowing coming through hayward as well as livermore. back to the desk. >> all right. thank you very much. lots going on this morning. we'll, of course, keep tabs on it. right now the "today" show is coming up next.
6:58 am
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